Canvas House is a unique space that creates a corporate experience that is authentic and genuine. 


Nothing in Canvas House is a coincidence.

If you want to generate great ideas, gain deep insights or cultivate genuine relationships, it won't happen in uninspiring clinical and soulless environments.

Canvas House is a multi-purpose space has been designed to foster unique and warm experience. It is beautiful, flexible and intuitive and will have your guests immediately at ease. In designing Canvas House thorough consideration has  been put into the psychological effects of the spaces. With its cool vibes, natural light and incredible food, Canvas House is a space that will inspire free thought, trust, creativity and a sense of enjoyment. 

We understand that there’s a lot to cram into the day so it’s vital that your guests stay focused and on point. The space speaks for itself. Plenty of natural light, amazing surrounds, comfortable and organic furniture, two outside areas and plenty of other break out nooks. But our secret weapon is our food. We pride ourselves on delivering a menu that will keep your guests focused and energised. 

The best creativity and brain efficiency comes when you have clarity. That can not be achieved through consumption of huge amounts of carbohydrates and processed sugar. At Canvas House you will not be greeted by a bowl of mints or sugary treats in the morning.

 Instead think smashed avocado on sourdough, protein bowls and yoghurt pots with seasonal fruits for morning tea. Favourites on our lunch menu include Roast pumpkin salad served with toasted pumpkin seeds, caramelised onion and spinach leaves topped with a chilli yoghurt dressing, chorizo, zucchini and ricotta quiche and heirloom tomato salad with pickled red onion and a basil vinaigrette.

But we are not all about kale and quinoa. We understand that a sweet treat is in order now and then, we just save that for late in the afternoon - chocolate ice-creams with raspberry dust, homemade choc chip cookies and delicious brownies.