Let's Party

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We love celebrating at Canvas House. 

We like to say that we don't do functions. Instead we help create great experiences. So whether you're looking for a space to celebrate a milestone birthday, somewhere to tie the knot, or you need to pull together awesome corporate event, your guests are guaranteed to have an amazing evening. 


Have a particular caterer in mind? No problem.

We want you to feel at home at Canvas House which is why you can bring in your own suppliers and caterers who can have full use of all of the equipment that we have on site. As you can imagine we have also worked with some of the best in the industry so if you would like some recommendations, we would love to help. 

Or maybe you are thinking about food trucks, or something a little different to the norm. Too easy. Our doors from the courtyard fold back neatly so it is easy to drive in vehicles from the rear laneway.   

Building Features

  • 6m high cathedral style ceiling with black steel exposed beams
  • Skylights that flood the main event space with natural light
  • Polished concrete floor, original exposed brick and v-groove panel walls
  • Suspended fireplace
  • Outside seating areas at the front of the building and private rear outdoor courtyard
  • Vehicle access via rear door (up to 2.6m)
  • Privater lounge room for hosts to access and use of our boardroom for suppliers.


  • Men's, women's, disabled and separate staff toilet
  • Heating and cooling
  • State of the art speaker system with DJ points throughout the venue plus 2 x handheld microphones, 2 x headset microphones and 1 x 75 inch TV. 
  • Additional power points at the end of each roof truss for ease of styling, eg fairy lights
  • Presentation kitchen that can be used for cooking demonstrations or by private chefs for a chefs table experience. It is also ideal for film shoots and can be easily converted into a bar for larger functions. It contains a 4 door bar fridge and dishwasher
  • Additional bar at the front of the venue with 3 door bar fridge, glasses dishwasher and coffee machine
  • Caterers kitchen with 20 tray combi oven, double fryer, gas oven and cooktop, cool room, fridge, freezer and a seperate dishwashing room with a pass through dishwasher
  • Recently upgraded power supply
  • Black drapes that can be suspended on three truss lines to seperate the large warehouse space into two.